My Date With Frida

This past Sunday I found myself bored with nothing to do so I decided to hop in my car and just drive. I ended up at the Fresno Art Museum which ended up being a treat. I quickly learned that there was a Nickolas Muray exhibit showing various photographs he had taken of the amazing Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

I wandered around the museum checking out different exhibits, and saved the best for last. I showed up an hour before closing, meaning I had the entire place to myself.

While I wasn’t allowed to photograph inside the museum, I managed to find some of my favorite (photographs) online to share with you all.

Frida and Diego Tizapán – 1937
Nickolas Muray
nikolas muray diego frida tizapan

This photograph stood out to me because of Frida’s chingona stare at Diego. Just from this photo you could tell that it was she who wore the pants.

The two images above are probably Nickolas Muray’s most famous photographs. Both were taken at his studio in New York City, before she left for Paris.
The first photograph of Frida in a magenta rebozo hung, for years, over Diego and Frida’s bed.
On the back she signed,
“Nick, with all my heart, with all my love, with all my memory, I think of you.


Throughout their time spent together Frida began falling for Nickolas, and he for her. They wrote to each other frequently, especially while she was in Paris, criticizing the aristocratic , snooty Europeans. I spent a majority of my time at the museum reading the letters exchanged between Frida and Nickolas. Their exchange of words was beautiful and would put and any Nicholas Sparks novel to shame.

In a letter from Nick Muray to Frida dated February 8, 1939, he wrote:
“Darlingest Xochitl.

The first reaction to your wire was to extend my arms and embrace you to kiss the tears away from your sweet cheeks and swallow the salty sorrow of your heart.
Your Nick.
(all of him)”

In a letter from Frida to Nick dated February 16, 1939, she wrote:
“I could kill that guy and eat it afterwards…I have decided to send everything to hell and scram from this rotten Paris before I get nuts myself…I’d rather sit on the floor in the market of Toluca and sell tortillas.
One special kiss on your neck. 
Your Xochitl.”


what the water gave me
What The Water Gave Me

This painting by Frida Kahlo was given to Nick in exchange for his financial help while she was in Paris. One of Frida’s darker paintings, this one in particular depicted how her life was shaped by destruction.

My experience wandering through the Fresno Art Museum alone was magical. I think everyone should go to a museum alone at least once. It gives you the chance to escape into the world that the artists captured in each painting and photograph, and a chance to escape from your own reality. Continuing my date with myself  I ended my night with tacos,  because any time is a good time for tacos.





Copper & Marble

I have been drooling over the combination of copper + rose gold + marble for some time now and it’s beginning to take over my life. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration,  but the ever classic marble paired with copper and rose gold is  completely lust-worthy. My favorite shade to pair this combo with is none other than one of Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year – Rose Quartz. Below I’ve curated a list of some of my favorite pieces  following the copper + rose gold + marble trend. Enjoy!


a. This trend is totally wearable with this marble copper stone ring. This ring is dainty enough to pair with other classic pieces from your jewelry collection, such as a gold Cartier Love bracelet (or a faux gold chain bracelet, holla broke college students).You can get this ring here.

b. If you’re going to burn your money you might as well make it look pretty. This candle contains a coconut soy wax blend in the fragrance of your choice. When the wax is all burned you can totally reuse it, giving the marble container and copper lid life again. Purchase here.

c. For all of your DIY needs, marble contact paper is perfect for giving everything from an old dresser to a journal a makeover. I love this site, because you can order a sample for  $5.99. Available here

d. This is probably my favorite find, because it’s so beautiful. This cloth make-up bag has copper hardware and is perfect to keep in your purse/travel bag. It comes in two sizes and has the option of black or white marble print. Check it out here

e. I normally hate iPhone cases that aren’t a solid color, but i can’t help but love this marble and rose quartz themed case. Available in shiny or matte, at under 20 dollar, it’s an absolutely steal. Purchase here.





The Hangover

MAMAKSMALSMALet’s be real. Once you reach your mid-twenties your body just doesn’t bounce back after a wild night out. By wild night out I mean three gin and tonics, and a greasy burrito at 1:45 am. I used to laugh when people brought up hangovers because I was blessed with the miracle of being 21. Now that I’m about to turn 24, I have come to the conclusion that 23 was the year of the hangover for me. I had an alcohol hangover, relationship hangover, school hangover, job hangover. I’ve become a professional at tackling these hangovers, but one in particular I’ve made my bitch (sorry mom).

You have to prepare for a hangover. This means you need to have these staples in your kitchen and medicine cabinet before you even think about which scandalous outfit you are going to wear that night. This is my recipe for a hangover free, productive day after a night of ratchet activity.

-Coconut water (Vita Coco and Whole Foods 365 brand are my go to.)
-Bananas (frozen and sliced)
-PB&J ingredients
-Bottle of water
-b12 pills

Before the madness:Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.34.00 PM
I don’t care how skin tight your dress is, EAT! That’s why spanx were created. I made the mistake of not eating before a night in Vegas and I nearly died. I did get this cool photo though.Too bad yours truly can’t remember anything after that point. Eat something that will carry you over to the next day, but nothing so heavy that you want to vomit after one shot. I also make it a point to drink at least one glass of water during dinner/pre drink. This is crucial, set a bottle of water, and a tylenol (or whatever) pill next to your bedside.

During the actual drinking:
There are two types of people in the world. People who take shots, and people who don’t. I’m talking about tequila/vodka/whatever shots. Shots are great because 1. you’re not getting the extra calories that come with mixed drinks, 2. you’re not getting the added sugar that comes with most mixed drinks. Avoid drinks that aren’t clear. Those drinks usually are filled with syrups and sugars which make your hangovers that much worse. Stick to a vodka soda or a gin and tonic with a fresh squeezed lime. After a drink or two I like to order water just to even things out. Alcohol dehydrates you and you want to stay a step ahead of it.

When you get home:
As soon as you get home, and before you crawl into bed, force yourself to take the tylenol, b12 pill. Drink the whole bottle of water. This step is KEY.

When you wake up feeling like a hot mess:
As soon as you wake up drag yourself to the kitchen and whip out those frozen Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.30.43 PMbananas. I like to slice fresh bananas and keep them in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Put a handful of frozen bananas and a slash of coconut water into your blender. While it’s blending start sipping on that coconut water. I like coconut water for the fact that it’s easier to get down than water, it’s insanely hydrating, and it’s packed with potassium. Next, eat your frozen banana puree. This will get something into your stomach, give you some energy, and again, more potassium. Potassium is key for hangovers because it’s an electrolyte, which is one of the main things your body needs after drinking.

Take the next hour to nap. 


The final step:
Once you’ve showered and taken a power nap, get back in the kitchen and make a pb&J. The protein from the peanut butter will help you get through the rest of your day, and the coconut water will keep you hydrated. By this time you should be getting texts from your friends wondering if you’re alive and asking to meet you for brunch. Proceed with caution.