Following Through With Things


Hello to all two of you that will probably read this. I have dabbled with the idea of starting an e-zine/blog for a good 10 years now. I remember taking the Louis Vuitton catalogues, and scanning images to my computer to upload to my e-zine… via AOL dial-up. After several failed attempts with blogspot, tumblr, and WordPress, in the last few years, I am finally going to follow through with keeping a consistent blog.

If I had a dollar for every time my friends told me that I should have cameras following my crazy adventures, I’d probably have my coveted Alma BB bag by now. With this blog I will talk about my fitness journey as a working college student, ratchet Michelle adventures (we will get into that later), my obsession with lavish skin-care/makeup, my love for gin food, and traveling on a broke bitch budget.

If I don’t keep up with this blog, someone personally come slap me.


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